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Frequently asked questions

What is a microchip?
A microchip is a small capsule which contains electronic information and carries a unique fifteen-digit combination.
Each microchip code is unique, just like your dog. If your dog becomes lost, then there are microchip readers in veterinary clinics and dog shelters at which it will be possible to find out your dog's microchip number. Using the www.worlddogsregister.com database, it is easy to identify the dog’s owner and contact him/her. It is therefore very important that the contact details of a dog's owner are always correct and up-to-date.
If your dog does not have a microchip yet, you can buy one from our online store and have it placed by a veterinarian.

Why enter your dog in the Worlddogs register?
It is a sad fact of life that dogs sometimes run away, whether we want it or not. If a dog has a microchip and is registered in the database, then it's possible to identify the dog and its owner, making it easy for the dog to find its way back to its owner. Registration is free via the web site, www.worlddogsregister.com. In the Worlddogs register you will be able to add all the important information about your dog:

• a dog’s profile
• additional information of the dog and its origin
• medical records, and an opportunity to add reminders for vaccinations.

How to add dogs to the Worlddogs register?
In order to use the register you must first complete user registration process. After that you will be sent a confirmation e-mail asking you to activate your account. NB! you cannot register without activating your account. After activating and logging into the account, you can start adding your dog’s information under the 'My Account' tab.

For how long the dog remains in the registry?
A dog which has been registered can remain in the register for its whole life. The data will be maintained for twenty years.

Why is it necessary to enter personal information (such as phone and e-mail)?
If a dog goes missing, and it is identified by its microchip, it is important that the dog register has all the appropriate contact information so that the owner can be contacted. Therefore, if your circumstances or personal details change in any way, you should definitely update your profile.

My dog is already registered in the local registry. Do I also need to register my dog in the www.worlddogsregister.com?
Yes, it will be easier to determine the owner of the animal. Although there are many registers available, you never know which one of them the finder of a lost dog could use. For example, the finder may not even be aware of the existence of small and local registers.

The purpose of the dog register is to be first choice for dog registration and to be able to help owners who have lost their dog.

I’m from dog shelter. What benefits will www. worlddogsregister.com bring us?
There is a special environment within the site in which shelters may register their dogs.  It is also possible to add information about the health of the dog, and publish information about dogs in notifications. Please contact us so that we can make the site usage more suitable for you.

I'm from a veterinary clinic. How can we use www. worlddogsregister.com?

A dedicated environment has been created for veterinary clinics in which you may quickly and easily enter the information for dogs and their owners. This only takes a few minutes. If necessary, a dog's health-related information can also be entered.

What should be done if a dog is lost?
If a dog is lost you can add a note to that dog’s information page. Information regarding the loss of a dog appears in the notification section. As an additional option you can also add important information on a dog's medical history, such as its anti-rabies vaccination.

What should be done if a dog is found?
If a dog doesn’t have any information about the owner (e.g. on collar tag), the dog should be taken to the veterinary clinic or an animal shelter, where someone will be able to check whether the dog has a microchip or not. If it does have one and is registered in the dog register, the owner can be identified and contacted.

If a dog doesn’t have a microchip, it should be transported to an animal shelter and due notification can be published on www.worlddogsregister.com in order to try and find the owner.

How can a dog be deleted from the register?
A dog can be removed from the register only when that dog passes away. Information on dogs which are no longer with us will be archived.

What is a collar tag for?
The collar tag is designed to be attached to a dog’s collar. This contains the dog’s chip number, your phone number and country on one side of the tag, so that when your dog is found, you will be even easier to find. A collar tag will help to quickly identify the owner and allow the dog to find its way back home. A collar tag measures 20mm and 30mm. 

What is the TravelCardTM for?
Dog's TravelCardTM contains your dog's name, chip number, registration date and country on the front face. You can add your phone number to the back of the card. The TravelCardTM contains a hole that allows you to attach it to the transport cage whilst travelling. A dog's TravelCardTM measures are 85mm x 54mm.

What is a registration certificate for?
A dog's registration certificate is proof that your dog is a member of the www.worlddogsregister.com. This contains the dog’s name, chip number and registration date.