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Dog registration

In order that the dog is connected to its owner, a microchip must first be placed under the dog’s skin. This is something that can be carried out by the vet. Secondly, the information regarding a dog and its owner must be recorded in the internet register. By doing this, a dog owner helps to ensure that if their dog is lost they will be fully discoverable.

On the www.worlddogsregister.com web site you can register a dog in one of three ways:

  • Firstly, if your dog has a microchip, then in addition to the dog's personal information you must enter the dog's microchip number. 
  • Secondly, if your dog does not have microchip yet, you will be able to purchase one during the registration process and, after having it placed by a veterinarian, you will be able to add the microchip’s number to the rest of the data in the dog's profile.
  • Thirdly, if your dog does not have a microchip and you do not want to buy one, it will still be possible to simply insert the dog’s information into the register.

Clearly the latter option does not guarantee that you will be found if your dog becomes lost but even so, you will be able to use the web site and add information to your dog’s profile.

www.worlddogsregister.com provides an opportunity to save all the important information about yourself and your dogs in one place:

  • dog owner details
  • dog profile
  • information on the origin of the dog 
  • medical records, among other things reminders for vaccinations and other activities

Registration on www.worlddogsregister.com is free. To start registration, enter your e-mail address into the registration box. After that, you will be sent a confirmation e-mail asking you to activate your account. NB! you cannot register before activating your account.  Price per registration is .

NB! adding three or more dogs at once, you'll pay only for the first two registrations. The payment is to be completed only after all the dogs have been registered.

Why enter your dog in the Worlddogs register?