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Worldwide dog register

www.worlddogsregister.com is the first worldwide dog register which helps lost dogs find their owners.

One of the most common problems for dog owners is that their dogs can run away and remain missing. This can be a painful subject, especially for children. Even though the dog might be found by someone, there is often no way to find out who its owner might be.

However, a dog can now be uniquely identified thanks to the use of microchips which are placed just under a dog’s skin. The microchip contains a unique fifteen-digit number, and it cannot be faked.

A dog’s microchip number and the owner’s information are linked to the internet register. This means that if a dog is found, it is also easy to find its owner.

We provide precisely this service, which is based on internet registration.

Worlddogs register is meant for:

  • all dog owners
  • kennels
  • dog clubs
  • dog shelters
  • veterinarians